The Team

Mark Yawn

Born in Austin, but grew up in Houston I am a Texan through and through. I returned to Austin to receive degrees in Art and Design from The University of Texas and during my time fell in love with the hospitality industry. In my twenty years in the industry I have enjoyed learning at the best dive bars to amazing top tier establishments both in and outside of Texas. Dumont's Down Low & Dive Bar has allowed for the perfect marriage of just hosting a space for people to have a great time with a beer and shot of whiskey, or geek out with me over some craft cocktails. I am looking forward to creating many more memorable experiences for our wonderful guest visiting our Dive Bar.

James Barraza

I was raised in El Paso, finished college in San Antonio but Austin is by far my favorite city in Texas. What started out as a job while I was in college has turned into a passion. I love the industry and all the amazing people and memories I've made along the way. I look forward to making more here at my new home Dive Bar.